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Who We Are

1. Inspiration and Mission Statement

Bhagwan Nityananda, a great God Realizing Soul lived in Ganeshpuri village of Maharashtra, just two hours north of Mumbai from 1937 until the time he left his body in 1961. Even after his passing, he continues to inspire and guide many devotees in India and abroad. Before his death, he sent one of his most beloved devotees, Baba Muktananda, to travel around the world giving spiritual knowledge to thousands of people living in many foreign countries.
Now, years later, some of those recipients of India's spiritual knowledge return to Ganeshpuri to join with Indian devotees to give something of themselves to those living in the Tansa River Valley, the forgotten people who live far from the infrastructure of modern India. As an act of gratitude for what Nityananda has given them, these devotees created Shree Nityananda Education Trust as a Bombay Trust, an NGO according to the State of Maharashtra.
During Nityananda's life, he established centers for feeding and housing the poor and needy, and built schools, hospitals, wells, and roads. Shree Nityananda Education Trust (SNET) takes its inspiration from the Blessed Bhagwan Nityananda and continues that work in his name.

Mission Statement :

Shree Nityananda Education Trust was founded in 2005 to provide basic educational, health, and agricultural support to impoverished communities in the Tansa River Valley. SNET strives to provide inspiration and hope to these communities through programs that encourage individuals and groups to become self-sustaining.
Because the needs of these people are so great, relatively small efforts can bring about significant changes. Your support helps SNET in its mission to help those who face a life of hardship and economic oppression.

2. Our Trustees


Swami Govindananda Saraswati


Provided many years of service to Baba Muktananda at his ashram in Ganeshpuri. Due to his great experience of working in the field of service in Ganeshpuri, he was asked to help form this trust.


Mark Griffin


He was an early devotee of Baba Muktananda, and serves as a spiritual guide and mentor to many international students of meditation.


Sunil Anaokar




Lee Schwing


Business Woman


Gangu Prakash Garel

Recently Mayor of Nimboli/Kelthan area (2011-13)

Aarti Vijay Patil

currently school teacher of local English medium school

3. Our Advisors


Doctors Vismai and Jyoti Schonfelder

Chiropractors in Holland, Australia and Bali

Anne Godfrey

Australian Designer of Wild Blackberry Garments, and Director of Rose Circles, Maharashtra, India

Noshir Dadrawala

Center for Advancement of Philanthropy, Mumbai

Suneel Rajavaram

Center of Affordable Water & Sanitation Technology, Calgary, Canada

Dr. Stephanie Connan

Water Biologist, CALTECH, Pasadena California

Dr. Ashish Satav

Mahan Trust, Malnutrition Specialty, Melghat, Maharashtra

Dr. Nitin Bhore

Agriculture Specialist, Pune, Maharashtra, Sachin and Hetal Mehta, educational and self discovery tours, Directionz360, Mumbai

Nimesh Sumatri

Co-Director, Caring Friends of Mumbai

Dr.Vijay Honkalaskar

Coordinator, Tech for Seva, Pune

Swami Ganeshananda

Swami Ganeshananda of Norway, and Shambhavi Devi of Switzerland

Babul Sutradhar

Retired Mumbai jeweler and businessman

Michael Pickens

Irrigation Specialist, Melbourne

Dewa Haley

Retired building contractor, electrician, high school teacher, Vetting Committee of Third Millennium Awakening

Dr. Jeanetta Monosoff Haley

Retired psychologist and marriage and family therapist, Vetting Committee of Third Millennium Awakening

Sachin and Hetal Mehta of Mumbai

4. Our Partners

Go Kiss The Earth, Holland

They provides support to Parivartan Mahila Sanstha and Shree Nityananda Education Trust joint projects of Health Education.

Third Millennium of Awakening, USA

They inspires its members to volunteer at SNET as vetting committee coordinators, English teachers, hosts at Fire Mountain Retreat.

Caring Friends, Mumbai

They sent SNET on an exposure visit to be trained by three of their most successful NGO partners.

Rudra Meditation Center, Norway and Switzerland

They provides support to Parivartan Mahila Sanstha and Shree Nityananda Education Trust joint projects of women's empowerment.

Sulokchetana Pratisthan

The Thirst Project

Svaroopa Yoga Meditation

Rose Circles

Women Helping Women

Faucet Face