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Ways To Help

1. Donate

The generous and loving contributions from our donors and friends are the source of all SNET's wonderful charitable activities of the last nine years. Join with us in continuing this great benefit to India's impoverished tribal people.We have two partners who accept donations for us and participate in our projects here in Ganeshpuri. 98% of all donations through these two partners do reach us and help with our projects.

Donations Partners :

Non-Indian Donations :

Our USA partner, Third Millennium Awakening, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with an on-line donation page: https://www.tmaseva.org/donations

2. Need For Equipments and Materials :

  • Used sarees needed for women's handicraft workshop.
  • Sewing machines, especially zig zag machines which allow us to make coiled rope baskets and
  • Used functioning computers for literacy program

3. Shop

What can tribal women make with a little training and support? You will be thrilled to see the beautiful items that are made with love and spirit by our beneficiaries. Visit our online store at http://www.padukaseboutique.com for our handmade items.And when in Ganeshpuri, come shop at our House of Arts and Crafts where we sell items that our women's workshop makes as well as art and food made by local artisans and food preparers.

4. Volunteer

Anne Godfrey of Rose Circles and Wild Blackberry Garments taught a three day course in patchwork quilt making, March 2014. Michael Pickens, as an Australian irrigation specialist, helped SNET analyze the needs of one of our neighboring farmers. Sara Thorn of Australia taught a drawing class to Nimboli students.

Please consider volunteering and making a difference in this beautiful world of ours by giving your time, experience, and expertise to our various projects.

  • English tutoring of students and English teachers (Speaking English is a fantastic skill for villagers which opens doors for them).
  • Design items for our women's workshops we can produce for sale in our Ganeshpuri store and our online presence on Etsy.com
  • Work on our "Alternative Technologies for the Villages" project.
  • Help with all kinds of social media, volunteer program, membership drive, fund raising.
  • Take professional photographs of our handmade items, edit and upload to our store.
  • Make videos of our work detailing our history and upload to the internet.
  • Market our handmade items in your town or area.
  • Teach women to make salable items that require no electricity or much training.

5. Fund Raise

Enjoy the great satisfaction of sourcing funds to help us improve the health and marginal lives of tribal villages. We need help in contacting those individuals, groups, and corporations who are interested in partnering with us to address the poverty of our village neighbors. Even small amounts of money make the difference between slave labor and having a career, between being able to send your child to school or a doctor or not, between health and sickness.Hold a party, a picnic, a concert, or a lecture to give your friends and neighbors an opportunity to learn about our combined efforts to be a beneficial presence in the world. Ask them to help you help us. Donate part of your business receipts to a charity of your choice, and we hope it will be Shree Nityananda Education Trust.

6. Retreat

Stay at SNET's retreat facility, Fire Mountain Retreat Center for a individual retreat or bring your yoga and meditation students to our beautiful retreat center just outside of the pilgrimage site of Ganeshpuri. Bhagwan Nityananda, a great Indian Spiritual Master and Realized Being, lived in Ganeshpuri for decades and continues to bless all those who visit. Fire Mountain Retreat offers comfortable western style accommodations and safe delicious food.

7. You can help us make a difference in someone's life...